Keep Your Property Safe with the Help of Flame Fighter & Co

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Arm yourself with the best in fire safety

Get the fire extinguishers, safety and first aid materials you need to stay safe in your home, business, car, or boat. Turn to us for training courses to make sure you're always prepared!

What will you do when fire strikes your business? What about your home, car, or even your boat? If you don't have a fire extinguisher ready to fight back, a small fire could turn into a more dangerous situation that could threaten your life and your property. Come to us to make sure that you have a

fire extinguisher wherever you might need it.

Keep your fire extinguisher handy

You might be ready for a fire, but can you say the same about the others in your home or business?


Make sure everyone is one the same page by investing in fire and safety training and demo classes from the same fire experts you trust to supply your equipment.

Educate your employees

You'll feel

safer when

you choose us


Don't wait until the worst happens to start worrying about your fire safety preparedness.

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